Nursing Cover | Breastfeeding Scarf, Baby Car Seat Canopy, Shopping Cart, Stroller, Carseat Stretchy Covers Unisex Girls and Boys (Gray/White Chevron)

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Product Description

Why Baboo Bunny nursing cover?

Congratulations! You've won the best prize a woman can get - nursing your baby!

Now is the time to establish a relationship between the two of you.

Your little one understands a few things very well at this age: mom's touch, love, warmth & closeness - which ONLY you can provide to your precious angel.

Our nursing cover literally wraps both of you together, and takes part in the most important process of bonding, and welcoming your new baby into the world.

This feeling of being wrapped up with mom's love will be written in every cell of your baby's body and mind for life!

Our cover will become your favorite article of clothing

Don't "sit in the dark" during your breastfeeding period.

Don't say "after I finish breastfeeding I will..."

Find and define your new fashion style today!

The fabric is very thin, so the baby doesn't sweat underneath.

You can get rid of all the clutter in your diaper bag, and most importantly - you'll look cool, feel comfortable and be ready to nurse your baby at a moment's notice!

Mothers know best

You don't learn to be a mother in college. You know what's good for your baby, simply because you are their mom.

We at Baboo Bunny understand that you care about the quality of fabric that touches your baby skin. This is why we conducted tests with 5 mothers. We had them evaluate 4 nursing covers of different brands and our cover won in all 5 cases.

Their conclusion was that the Baboo Bunny nursing cover has the smoothest and gentlest touch!

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Product Specifications

Baby Product
Baboo Bunny
Gray/White Chevron
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  • ❤ LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST! - Don't lock yourself in a bathroom or bedroom when you need to nurse and others are around. With our nursing cover you can feel comfortable everywhere, feeding your baby and retaining your privacy. Don't stop your life because of breastfeeding, enjoy it! Go out with your spouse, take your older children for a walk in the, go shopping with your friends and have fun.
  • ❤ PROTECT YOUR BABY LIKE A LIONESS - This stretchy and universal fit canopy can be used as sun shield for babies in almost any car seat or stroller due to its perfect size and flexibility, and creates a soft, clean, germ-free layer between your baby and shopping cart seats, public benches, and other outdoor surfaces. The fabric is very thin, so that your baby doesn't sweat under the cover.
  • ❤ DECLARE YOUR FASHION STATEMENT - stylish woman and nursing mom, can she be the same person? With Baboo Bunny nursing cover you say to the world "Yes, I'm a mom now and I'm also the smart and stylish woman, as always". Celebrate your new status and remain true to yourself!
  • ❤ DON'T COMPROMISE ON QUALITY FOR YOUR BABY - Our 100 % handmade cover has a caressing soft and natural fabric that delicate touches your baby's skin, and is easy to clean. During quality assurance testing, with 16 washes and 96 hours of stretching, this cover preserved it's original color and developed no rips or holes. The seams are very well made, as an innocent loose thread can pose a life-threatening risk to your baby.
  • ❤ DON'T ACCEPT LESS THAN 110% SATISFACTION! - If for any reason you are not happy with your product, we have 30 DAYS money back guarantee policy! Get FREE e-book! Order one for yourself and another one for your friend as an hot baby shower gift, before we run out of stock!
Baboo Bunny
Baboo Bunny
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Baby Product
Baboo Bunny
Baboo Bunny
Nursing Cover | Breastfeeding Scarf, Baby Car Seat Canopy, Shopping Cart, Stroller, Carseat Stretchy Covers Unisex Girls and Boys (Gray/White Chevron)
  • 610446829150