Evoz Glow WiFi Baby Monitor

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Product Description

Evoz Glow wifi baby monitor is an all-in-one parenting camera and app. This system will bring you the peace of mind that all parents long for. Watch your child from anywhere with the unlimited range of our baby monitor. It will be the best eyes and ears in your nursery with superior video and audio. The camera has an HD wide angle lens and IR LEDs for clear night vision so you can see your child clearly anytime. More than just your regular baby monitor, our smart technology is able to distinguish baby crying from other household noises. The Evoz patented alert system will notify you when your baby cries based on personal settings. You can also access the camera to view your child during the time the cry was detected. Created with a stylish design, the modular, magnetic base allows you to place the camera anywhere in your nursery and flexibly aim the baby monitors video for the exact view you want of your little one. We have made our app versatile for automatically collecting and storing data. Parents can also record and keep track of feedings, diaper changes, sleep, temperature and major milestones. Take videos and photos directly within the app to store to your phone or send them to friends and family. Customize your viewing options by connecting multiple cameras for multiple children to view from the Evoz Glow app. Tailored parenting advice based on your child’s age and the specific data patterns collected through the monitor are other great features. Get short videos, quick tips, and tricks from experts that are informative and designed for your busy lifestyle. Password-protected, secure, baby monitor Supports iOS and Android devices to meet the needs of all guardians. Easily invite others like grandparents and sitters to have access to the wifi baby monitor app only when they are permitted. The Evoz Vision baby monitor with camera secure software can be viewed by more than one person at a time. Evoz Vision baby monitor was designed with you and baby in mind!

Product Specifications

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  • DATA TRACKING & RECORD KEEPING - Baby monitor smart technology will automatically collect crying and room data. Parents can also input information from feedings, changings, sleep, temperature and milestone dates. Keep stats and take pictures with the camera on our easy to navigate app. Easily share data with doctors with graphical & raw data format export feature.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND CLEAR HD VIDEO - The sleek appearance of our video baby monitor with wifi has a stable base that can be placed anywhere for easy set up. See your baby clearly from anywhere with the HD wide-angle lens and IR LEDs so you can view your baby both day and night. The transmitted image to your cellular device will always be pristine. Relax knowing your baby is being watched over.
  • FEATURES FOR PARENTS AND BABY - Let us help you calm and soothe your baby from anywhere. The Evoz Glow wifi baby monitor can play lullabies, has two-way talk, and a night light. Parents can access tailored parenting advice based on child's age and collected data patterns. Short videos, quick tips, and tricks from experts like Kim West The Sleep Lady®, are optimized for mobile device viewing.
  • PATENTED ALERT TECHNOLOGY - The Evoz Glow Wi-Fi Baby Monitor has cry detection algorithms to distinguish baby crying from other noises. Our patented alert technology notifies you when your baby is actually crying, instead of confusing sounds with background noise. Access to the picture of what the camera saw when the cry was detected will be captured by the video baby monitor with night vision.
  • SECURELY CONNECTS TO iOS AND ANDROID DEVICES - Watch your child virtually from anywhere. The Evoz Glow baby monitor with camera software is completely secure. And can be viewed by more than one person at a time. You will have complete control of who is allowed to view the monitor. Easily invite grandparents or sitters to have access to the wi-fi baby monitors app only when they are permitted.
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Evoz Glow WiFi Baby Monitor
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